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Discover Punta Molentis Beach: with koral tours

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Welcome aboard Koral. Today we are going to discover Punta Molentis Beach, a hidden gem of beautiful Sardinia, a destination that enchants visitors with its breathtaking beauty. If you are looking for a heavenly place to spend your vacation, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will explore the origins of this beach’s name, its breathtaking geographical location that makes it a true paradise on earth, some interesting trivia that will surprise you, and how to book an unforgettable tour with Koral, the local tour agency that will make your experience even more special.

Punta Molentis Beach: The Origins of the Name

But why is it called “Molentis”? The name of this beach evokes the traditional means of transportation used to transport the material extracted from the surrounding granite quarries: the donkey (called “su molenti” in Sardinian). These sturdy animals, known for their strength and endurance, were used to transport granite from quarries to the coast, where it was then loaded onto boats and transported to distant destinations.

This connection with the donkey and its role in transporting granite lends a unique and evocative atmosphere to Punta Molentis beach, adding another layer of charm to its thousand-year history. The presence of these animals in the daily activities of the area’s residents helped shape local culture and traditions, making the name “Molentis” a tribute to the toil and hard work of Sardinia’s ancient inhabitants.

Punta Molentis Beach: Where to Find It

Punta Molentis beach is located on the beautiful southeastern coast of Sardinia, specifically in the town of Villasimius, in the province of Cagliari. This privileged location gives Punta Molentis a unique atmosphere, immersed in the wild and unspoiled beauty of Sardinian nature.

Its strategic location makes it easily accessible from various locations in Sardinia, either by car or public transportation. From Cagliari, the capital of the region, one only needs to drive along a pleasant coastal road to reach Villasimius and from there immerse oneself in the beauty of Punta Molentis. Even from other tourist locations such as Costa Rei or Muravera, the route to Punta Molentis is easy and scenic, offering visitors the opportunity to explore different parts of the island during the trip.

Once there, one is confronted with a breathtaking sight: a beach framed by white sand dunes, lapped by crystal-clear waters that fade from turquoise to deep blue. Here, amid wind-sculpted rocks and Mediterranean vegetation that smells of myrtle and rosemary, you can indulge in lazy idleness or indulge in a wide range of outdoor activities.

Book a Tour with Koral

If you wish to explore the beauty of Punta Molentis in comfort and relaxation, we recommend booking a tour with Koral.

Thanks to Koral you will have the opportunity to discover the most striking corners of the Villasimius Marine Protected Area including this beautiful beach, enjoying a day of sun, sea and fun. Don’t miss your chance for an unforgettable experience. Click here to book your next tour or mini cruise with Koral.


Punta Molentis Beach represents one of Sardinia’s hidden gems, a place where natural beauty blends harmoniously with the island’s thousand-year history. Through the centuries, this natural wonder has withstood the passage of time, keeping its beauty and timeless appeal intact.

The crystal-clear waters lapping the beach at Punta Molentis, the white sand stretching out under the hot sun, and the striking dunes silhouetted against the horizon create a postcard-perfect landscape, a scene that looks like something out of a dream. Here, amid the gentle melody of the waves crashing on the shore and the salty scent permeating the air, one can indulge in the pleasure of relaxation and adventure.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this Sardinian wonder and be enchanted by its timeless beauty. Punta Molentis will welcome you with open arms, offering a unique and unforgettable experience that will be etched in your memory forever. Come and discover the charm of this enchanted beach and be carried away by the magic of Sardinia.

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Il modo più esclusivo per vivere il mare.

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