UncategorizedUnique experiences in Villasimius with Koral Exclusive: Discover our Boat Excursions

Unique experiences in Villasimius with Koral Exclusive: Discover our Boat Excursions


Il modo più esclusivo per vivere il mare.

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When one is on vacation in Sardinia, specifically in Villasimius, the first thing that leaves us speechless is the majesty and beauty of its coastline and sea.
A must-do experience during your stay is definitely a boat excursion. Exploring the area’s crystal clear waters and visiting picturesque destinations is a unique and fun way to make your vacation unforgettable.
To make this adventure even more special, it is always best to rely on professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the morphology of the area and which creeks are best preferred over others based on the weather of the day.

Unforgettable Marine Experiences in Villasimius: Boat Excursions Not to Be Missed

The thrill of a boat excursion represents an unmissable chapter in the history of those who love to explore enchanting places. This once-in-a-lifetime experience adds a unique touch to travel, especially when the destinations are havens like the Amalfi Coast or the enchanting surrounding islands.
For anyone spending their vacation in Villasimius, the opportunity to participate in a boat tour is an invitation to experience an extraordinary day. We at Koral Exclusive have been accompanying you to discover the Sardinian coastline for years now.
As we mentioned earlier, we have two main options available for our tours, suitable for various budgets and preferences.
Let’s find out in detail what characterizes our organized excursions and see what the customizable ones consist of.

Koral Exclusive’s organized tours

Let’s start with the basic tours, these are the ones designed in detail to let you experience the joy of a tour or a mini cruise of a couple of days aboard our yacht.

Our organized tours include:

Daily Private Tour

Live an extraordinary experience exploring the enchanting beaches of the Capo Carbonara Marine Area aboard the luxurious Motor Yacht Koral. For the day tour, you can choose between a full day or a half day. Invite your friends, family or sweetheart to share an unforgettable day with you. With a maximum capacity of six people, we guarantee comfort and relaxation during this day trip. On board the Motor Yacht Koral, you will find comfort, safety and, most importantly, privacy guaranteed by our attentive crew.
If you opt for a full day aboard the Motor Yacht Koral, you will delight your taste buds with a lunch of local products, thus completing this marine experience with an unforgettable gastronomic touch.
Treat yourself to a day of luxury, relaxation and adventure aboard the Motor Yacht Koral. To find out more about this tour click here.

Aperitif at sunset

Sunset, often referred to as the most magical moment of the day, becomes an extraordinary experience when experienced aboard the luxurious Motor Yacht Koral, in the heart of the enchanting Capo Carbonara Natural Area.
Set against a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty, our sunset aperitif becomes a romantic experience to share with a special someone or your friends. This tour is especially recommended for those who enjoy the magic of the seascape, with the majestic mountains and the sun dipping into the horizon.
A sunset boat trip is not only an unforgettable experience, but also a perfect gift to celebrate special occasions. Whether it is to celebrate a birthday, ask for your loved one’s hand in marriage or celebrate a wedding anniversary, let the waves of the sea carry you away and envelop you in the changing lights of the sunset.
Our experienced commander will take you to the perfect place to fully enjoy this spectacle, away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches, in one of the most picturesque spots in the area. Here, you will be treated to a rich aperitif, allowing you to experience a romantic evening aboard the Motor Yacht Koral, enveloped in the unique atmosphere that only a sea sunset can provide. To find out more about this tour click here.

Two/three-day mini cruise in the cape carbonara marine protected area

The Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area is very large, rich in special and characteristic views. In short, a true paradise on earth. Therefore, if you want to discover every single cove and enjoy every moment of the tour, the best choice is to opt for our 3-day, 2-night mini cruise.
Our mini cruise was designed specifically to offer a luxury vacation but on a lower budget than the customizable tours we will see in a moment. However, if you would like to learn more and have more information related to our mini cruise of the marine protected area, please visit the dedicated page by clicking here.

Instead, now let’s look at the tours that based on your preferences can be customized (weather permitting)


A two-day, one-night private mini cruise on the coast of Southeast Sardinia. For those who wish to experience the sea at night as well. Click here to find out the details.


Have you ever heard of the legend of the Devil’s Saddle? Have the commander tell you about it before you dive into its waters. Click here to find out more.


For those who are not satisfied with a simple vacation. For you who love the sea enough to embark for three days and two nights. Click here to find out more.


A vacation to be experienced exclusively away from the hustle and bustle. Three days and two nights to discover the Southwest coast by boat. Click here to find out more.


In conclusion, when you choose to spend your vacation in Villasimius, immersed in the wonders of Sardinia, you have the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable experiences with Koral Exclusive. The majesty of the coastline and the beauty of the sea become the stage for extraordinary adventures, making every day of your vacation an unforgettable chapter.
As you may have seen we at Koral have designed a tour for every need. Our goal is to make our clients’ vacation unique, to please our clients by offering a luxurious vacation aboard our fabulous yacht while still ensuring comfort and relaxation.

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Il modo più esclusivo per vivere il mare.

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